A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

IBUKI is a side-scrolling beat-em' up about an "oni" (demon) trying to escape from a shrine maiden that locked her up. To escape the depth of this endless maple forest, you'll face-off a variety of enemies that try to stop you, including the fearsome naginata-wielding shrine maiden herself. 

Estimated Playtime: 10 minutes

Input: Keyboards or Gamepad

The game is a derivate work based on ZUN's Touhou Project and explores Ibuki Suika's unknown past and her struggle with Sendai Hakurei no Miko. 

This time I had the opportunity to work with the very talented Prismriver Orchestra, who produced two phenomenal soundtracks based on ZUN's original composition of Broken Moon and Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly.  Please check out Prismriver Orchestra channel for more epic Touhou arranges!

There are no plans for adding new content to the game at the moment. I'll update this page if that changes.

**Update** Fixed a bug where the boss would not be spawned again after the player is defeated in boss level.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsMark Li, Prismriver Orchestra
Made withUnity, Clip Studio Paint, Maya
Tags3D, Beat 'em up, Fangame, Side Scroller, Touhou
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


IBUKI_win.zip 59 MB
IBUKI_linux.zip 75 MB

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action game featuring my favorite touhou character. HOW have i not found this sooner?

It’s really good! Both the combat and movement are fluid and easy to master. The atmosphere and music are perfectly complemented the gameplay too!

i like 

I hope to see this game updated within five years


It is a basic game but the moves that are there REALLY feel good. Music and visuals were good too. 

Well spent 10 minutes but to keep me hooked for hours I think there are more combos needed. Maybe I am asking for a bit much here but that because I enjoyed so much what is there. :)

Amazing game gonna make a video and giving a shout out. BEST GAME WILL BUY IF IT WAS ON STEAM!. Great job, Im looking forward to see if this project can get story lined!

oyunu nasıl kurucam ki

You download the game, right-click on the .zip and extract it into a new folder, and open the .exe file.

are there gonna be any continuation to this story?


I'm thinking about adding a chapter after this, given how short the game is. I'm glad that you want more of the story!

If you have 10 minutes to play this game then do! 
The game only takes around 8-10 minutes to complete in its entirety but without a doubt is a great short game. 

I don't usually play side-scroller games but gave this a chance and don't regret it. My only downside is that there seems like there will be no more development on this game and after paying all I want to do is play more. 

True Samurai Are Welcome to Watch. Great game, I wish it was longer!

great game i also made a speedrun of this game appreciate it if you would check it out 

Wow this is really cool! What a perfect run! Never thought I one day I'll see someone speed running my game. Hope you'll continue making videos like this on small indie games!

Thankyou, I really liked the art of the game, i hope you will continue making these kind of games, i would like to do more speedrun videos

Amazing game!

I LOVED THIS GAME! I'm looking forward to see any other games you develop!

Wow... Just WOW... I usually don't enjoy games like this, but damn its fun.

Please keep up the amazing work

Nice game,but is very short

This game is so cool. I wish I could have played it longer. Keep up the good work.

I have my gameplay in this video:

I love this game so much I live everything on it I hope you keep working on it to make it much longer because its really cool game

Hey I tried your game, pure fricken awesome! I hope you will reconsider and keep working on this one, it really deserves it! I also made a little video of my experience with it as well.

Thank you for the video! I learnt a lot from watching you play it. Sorry the game is a bit short, but I'm happy that you still enjoyed it!

game is pretty fun story is cliche tho I wish you could skip more dialogue hopefully you'll make a longer version game was too short too much potential to just leave it hanging

Gameplay only

Dynamic and wonderful

Hello Mark Li, I really liked your game, Congratulations he was great 10/10, the graphics, the music, the gameplay the story all fits together and it was a great experience to have played your game. Thank you and good luck in your future games. =)

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amazing game dev


I'd kill for more levels because it's a great game! This is awesome!

THSI GAME WAS AMAZING!!! Love the style, the music, the movement and fighting! If you guys need a laugh or  just want to see the best shinobi ever put in work lol. check out my video!

Really enjoyed to play this game! It is on my Week's Top 5!

Check my Video!


Hi your game is quite enjoyable. Action is frenetic and satisfying. The minimalist art and music does contribute to the unique atmosphere of the game. Your combat system is a good mix between attack and dodge. 

Some points you could improve though is the lisibility of actions. As your are suppose to do melee attack, sometimes it's a bit hard to see what's going on. The boss may be a bit easy compared to what come before and the group of differents folks.

Congrats nevertheless, your game is fun !

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Visual clarity and balancing are definitely something this game needs to work on.  I'll make note of that!

I loved the game, even tho it's short but I appreciate your effort and work, cool effects and good fight and well designed enemies

I'm happy that you loved it! Next time I'll think about how to improve play time (while keeping the experience refreshing of course)

This game is so amazing- I love i



Congratulations great game

i loved it! the style of this game is very nice <3

Thanks! Glad you liked it


Incredible game. Nice graphics, impressive music and great gameplay.

Thank you for the video! :D


Amazing game dev great mechanics and animations i hope it was longer 


Awesome game! Love the art style, fluid animations, too. There was a bug where the boss didn't appear anymore once you got defeated by her, but overall this is a very fun game. Good job!

(2 edits)

I'm glad you liked the game! And thank you for pointing out the bug I'm fixing it right now! (Update: the bug has been fixed)


Very cool. With the storyline at the end of the stage I wanted a follow-up story. The battle animation was very satisfied, the enemy variants didn't make this game boring either.

I'm happy that you liked the ending ;)

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