A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a Touhou fan game made for Touhou Game Jam 3 hosted on itch.io. See the end of this description for relevant acknowledgements. 

This game is more of a prototype/proof of concept rather than a complete and finished game. I may release updates to the project in the future. 

If possible, please use a screen ratio of 16:9. 

As a Shinigami, Komachi came to take the life of Marisa. Marisa challenged Komachi for a Danmaku battle, in which outcome will determine whether she will to be taken to the afterworld or not.  

Komachi Onozuka


  • The music used in this game is created based on 恋色マジック (Love-colored Magic) composed by ZUN (i.e. Team Shanghai Alice).
  • The characters used in this game (Kirisame Marisa and Komachi Onozuka) are created based on ZUN's Touhou series. 
  • Sound Effect Used in this game (a free to use asset): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/audio/sound-fx/free-8bit-game-sound-effect...
  • This game is created using Unity3D 

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorMark Li
Made withUnity
TagsAnime, Touhou
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions


  • After downloading the game, if you cannot run the game, be sure to go to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General, then click "Open Anyway". 


  • Download the zipped file, unzip it. Inside the folder "The_Brawl_Between_Life_and_Death", there is a file called BBLD.exe. Run BBLD.exe inside its enclosed folder to play the game. 


  • Linux version doesn't seem to work. That's a bummer


(macOS) 霧雨陰陽伝 The Brawl Between Life and Death 24 MB
(Windows) 霧雨陰陽伝 The Brawl Between Life and Death 23 MB

Development log


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Linux version said that data folder is absent

Thank you for letting me know! I'll see if I can upload a browser playable version. 

Art is beautifully hand drawn and animated.

Thanks! I'll further explore this game style :) 

Beautiful drawings and nice music. I felt like I was playing an Orisnal / Ferry Halim game. It might have been too easy, though. Especially the boss patterns.

Thanks Karob! I agree that the game is way too easy. I will balance the difficulty in future updates!